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Windows Help & Advice – June 2018-P2P

Windows Help & Advice features all the best ways to get more from your Windows PC, along with in-depth advice on new hardware, the latest technology and the internet. And it’s 100% jargon free!

Windows Help & Advice – June 2018-P2P
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 11.6 MB

VueScan Pro 9.6.09 Multilingual-P2P + Portable

P2P group has released an updated version of “VueScan Pro” for Windows.

Description: VueScan, the world’s most popular scanner software, is used extensively by photographers, home users, scanning services and corporations. VueScan is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance. It is very easy to use, and also has advanced features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and other features used by professional photographers.

VueScan changes nothing on your system, installs nothing in your operating system and all other scanner software will continue to function. VueScan increases your productivity and saves you money. VueScan has advanced scanning options, powerful features, and greatly improves your scans with superior color accuracy and better color balance. VueScan supports more than 700 scanners and 209 digital camera raw files and takes about 5 minutes to download and install.


  • Works with 1200 flatbed and film scanners
  • Runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Improves your productivity and quality of scans
  • Has been downloaded more than 5 million times
  • Create raw scan files
  • ICC profiles and color spaces
  • IT8 color calibration

Release Name: VueScan.Pro.9.6.09.Multilingual-P2P+Portable
Size: 20.9/18.3 Mb
Links: Homepage NFONTi

Download: SupraFiles.org
Download Portable: SupraFiles.org

World War II Battle of Britain by Hourly History-P2P

The British people had no sooner finished rescuing their trapped army from Dunkirk than they found themselves preparing for an attack from the Germans once again. This time, the Nazi menace struck from the air, as Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed the British in an attempt to break their spirit and force Great Britain to accept peace terms. But as the skies above London filled with the German planes, the Royal Air Force pilots, alerted by radar, flew to intercept them. The Luftwaffe had started the Battle of Britain confident that the RAF was no match for German aircraft and skill, but the pilots of the RAF, the people of England, and the bulldog tenacity of Prime Minister Winston Churchill did not intend to give way.

World War II Battle of Britain: A History From Beginning to End by Hourly History  -P2P
English | 47 pages | ePUB | 1.2 MB
Downloadupload4earnDOUPLOADS NTi

Zapotec Civilization by Captivating History-P2P

The Zapotecs lived and thrived, and became a civilization of interest to the Conquistadors. As one of the largest Mesoamerican civilizations at the time, they helped to shape and form the world the Conquistadors encountered upon their arrival. Rivaling the size and complexity of their Mayan neighbors, the Zapotec were innovators and intellectuals who created a society that was markedly similar to the kingdoms and social structures.
The Zapotecs were a fascinating people and this book aims to give a fresh look and understanding to a civilization that was just as complex, structured, and regal as any of their Mesoamerican, South American, or European counterparts.

Zapotec Civilization: A Captivating Guide to the Pre-Columbian Cloud People Who Dominated the Valley of Oaxaca in Mesoamerica by Captivating History -P2P
English | 106 pages | ePUB | 1.2 MB
Downloadupload4earnDOUPLOADS NTi

Chinese Mythology by Bernard Hayes-P2P

Some of us may be familiar with Chinese mythology, and to others, it’s a complete mystery. The Chinese had a lot of gods and goddesses, and in this ancient, historical country, with all the empires and dynasties, a plethora of legends and stories developed. Read about Chinese mythology and subtopics such as:
The meaning of the Chinese Moon Festival and its background.
Lu Xun’s China and a historical overview.
Wu Gang, Tang Emperor Xuan Zong, and Lady Chang Er.
The significance of Moon cakes and the traditional foods during the festival.
Chinese dynasties, and the main gods and goddesses in Chinese Mythology.

Chinese Mythology: A Concise Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Sagas, Rituals and Beliefs of Chinese Myths by Bernard Hayes  -P2P
English | 388 pages | ePUB | 1 MB
Downloadupload4earnDOUPLOADS NTi


All About Space – Issue 78, 2018-P2P

Every issue of All About Space takes you on an awe-inspiring journey through our Solar System and beyond, from the amazing technology and spacecraft that enables humanity to venture into orbit, to the complexities of space science.

All About Space – Issue 78, 2018-P2P
English |116 pages | PDF | 104 MB

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place by Art Grau-P2P

Working for $1.50 an hour in the design department of an embroidered emblem manufacturing company didn’t hold much allure for nineteen-year-old Art Grau, so the letter from the US government caught his eye. He, the letter announced, could enjoy an exciting career in the military.
Enlisting to serve in the Army Security Agency, Art studied intelligence gathering and was assigned to Germany. Two years and one impulsive decision later, he was in Vietnam.
Landing in ’Nam at the start of the Tet Offensive, Art flew recon missions with the First Air Cav. He watched friends die, struggled to survive, and found that his penchant to get into ridiculous situations didn’t diminish because he was in a war zone. Then he came home.

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place: One Soldier’s Long Journey Home by Art Grau -P2P
English | 148 pages | ePUB | 1.2 MB
Downloadupload4earnDOUPLOADS NTi


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